Safety first

Accidental ingestion of cannabis by children under the age of 6 increased by nearly 14x between 2017-2021, according to a recent study inĀ Pediatrics.*Ā Twenty-three percentĀ of reported cases required hospitalization.

Nearly all of theseĀ incidentsĀ were the result of children getting into cannabis products at home.Ā 

As both the gray and legal market for cannabis and psilocybin continue to expand in the United States, children are increasingly getting into psychoactive products that are difficult to distinguish from candy.Ā 

Experts advise to store these products in childproof packaging, however theĀ standard for child-resistant packaging allows for up to 20% of children to open a package within 10 minutes.** Not counting if they have a pair of scissors.Ā 

Let'sĀ protect children and keep the party safe. šŸ–¤

*PediatricsĀ (2023) 151 (2): e2022057761.Ā 
**Ā Consumer Product Safety Commission, 2021 child resistant packaging standard.