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Locking stash travel bag

Childproof, pilfer-proof and pickpocket-proof. 

A modern and versatile locking bag made from ultra luxe vegan leather and sustainable, recycled materials. Transitions seamlessly between a travel pouch, everyday purse and evening clutch.

Combination lock zipper keeps contents secure. 🔒

Smell-proofing sealed zipper seam. 🌿

Comes with a matching removable vegan leather wristlet strap. 

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Luxe locking evening bag comes with a combination lock zipper to keep your valuables and vices safe inside. Great for travel, childproofing, privacy or a night out.
A combination code zipper lock keeps the bag secure. Childproof, pickpocket-proof and pilfer-proof. Wear it on a crowded subway car without a care!
Locking combination code zipper lock keeps contents secure. You set the codes.
Made from ultra luxe vegan leather and recycled materials. Our locking stash bag will keep your vices and valuables safe.
Our locking stash bag comes with a matching wrist strap or pair it up with our adjustable acrylic chains to make the world&
The smell-proofing sealed zipper keeps cannabis smells inside -- in case you&
Locking stash travel bag

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